30 Musicians With Hobbies You Would Never Expect

February 16th, 2015 | by staff
30 Musicians With Hobbies You Would Never Expect
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-By Frank Donovan 

You and I might spend our downtime singing in the shower, dancing at the club, and plucking on a guitar. But our favorite artists are wont to unwind with less musical hobbies. When the lights go down, artists like Prince pick up a ping pong paddle, Roger Daltrey a fishing rod, and Justin Bieber a Rubik’s Cube. These pastimes run the gamut from completely ordinary like Rivers Cuomo and Lily Allen’s knitting, to an obsession that led Neil Young to become a part owner in a toy train manufacturing company.

Click through the gallery for 30 musicians with hobbies, talents, and collections that are way out of left field.

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