Abby Lee Miller Pleads Not Guilty to Bankruptcy Fraud

November 2nd, 2015 | by staff
Abby Lee Miller Pleads Not Guilty to Bankruptcy Fraud
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Abby Lee Miller is guilty of being a bully on a fake reality show.

But the Dance Moms star swears she’s not guilty of breaking the law.

Down with Abby Lee Miller!

Miller posted $10,000 bond at her arraignment in Pennsylvania on Monday, pleading not guilty to 20 counts of bankruptcy fraud, each of which carries with it a maximum imprisonment of five years.

As previously reported, Miller was indicted in Pittsburgh last month.

She’s accused of hiding income and concealing assets; of setting up a hidden bank account to divert more than $755,000 in income after she filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

Ironically, she was caught in this alleged act by a judge who saw Miller in a commercial for various appearances and wondered what she was doing with the money she was earning as a result.

Asked for comment on the scandal as she walked into the courthouse, the reality star supposedly made a comment about her hair, promoting merchandise available on her website in the process.

Is she taking these charges seriously, Miller was asked?

“Yes,” she replied.

That’s the same one-word response we give when people ask if we hate Abby Lee Miller.

Sadly, it’s also the same one-word response we give when folks ask if we watch Dance Moms online.

What can we say?!? It’s an entertaining show!

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