Blac Chyna Dissing Kylie Jenner: Flaunts Watch Tyga Gave Them Both

November 21st, 2015 | by staff

Oh snap! A recent Instagram post shows Blac flaunting a super luxe Rolex watch that Tyga gave both women. It looks like she’s still shading Kylie in her moment of heartbreak. Not cool!

Blac Chyna, 27, had a nasty habit of taunting Kylie Jenner, 18, thoughout her romance with Tyga, 26. But now that she’s dumped the rapper, could Blac be piling on again? The model is showing off a super expensive watch that Tyga gifted her with when they were still together, posting the video on the very same day that Kylie broke up with Tyga. Did she know ahead of time what the rest of us learned Nov. 20, or was she still just being her online cruel self towards the reality star? Either way, it’s definitely a diss towards Kylie!

Blac posted and Instagram video that made sure to show off the rose gold Rolex watch that Tyga gave her. The video is set to Tone Tone‘s “Gold Rolex,” to which Blac lip syncs along, but makes sure to give the super luxe timepiece front and center attention. While she captioned the video “It’s Lit @tonetoneinherrre just made me go cop a Rose Gold Rolex waddupdoe….Obsessed with this song,” it’s just a little more than a coincidence that Kylie was given a gold Rolex watch by the rapper in happier times.

Way to kick someone when they’re down Blac! Poor Kylie is already heartbroken over allegations that Tyga was unfaithful to her. The last thing the reality star needs is to be taunted yet again by his baby mama. It was bad enough when she did this to Kylie when she was still with the rapper, but now that Kylie has kicked Tyga to the curb, the last thing she needs is juvenile taunts like this! CLICK HERE to check out Tyga’s new Birthday song to himself.

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We’re still in shock by the breakup because until Nov. 19, Kylie and Tyga were so in love! But it was crystal clear that something was wrong on his birthday when Kylizze and no other members of the Kardashians & Jenners attended Tyga’s birthday party. In fact, none of them even wished him a Happy Birthday via social media, which is something the family always does. Kendall Jenner, 20, even posted a vulgar photo flipping off the camera, which now seems like a direct hit against Tyga for hurting her little sister!

So what do YOU think HollywoodLifers! Did Blac Chyna post the Rolex video to taunt poor Kylie? Sound off in the comments below.

— Beth Shilliday

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