GO VOTE! Hit The Polls Today Like Your Life Depends On It, Because It Does

November 8th, 2016 | by staff
GO VOTE! Hit The Polls Today Like Your Life Depends On It, Because It Does
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It’s Election Day! And your voice needs to be heard. We need every last one of you to hit the polls today. More inside…

The day is finally here!

After months and months (it’s been — or felt like — years overall, who are we fooling?) of campaigning from Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump, it’s finally time to cast your vote and have your voice heard.

This is arguably one of the most important and historic elections in our lifetime, so let’s properly decide the best candidate to lead our country for the next four years

We’ve sat through countless debates between to the presidential hopefuls, now it’s time to have our voices heard. This is your American right and thousands before us fought for us to have this right.  Let’s honor those who came before us, as well as ourselves, and get to the polls. 

Remember, most polls close at 9p.  If you’re in line by closing time, they MUST let you vote.  Don’t back down, don’t waiver, don’t do ish but stand there and make sure you cast your ballot.  [NBC has a comprehensive 2016 Voter Guide with the phone number to the voter issue hotline (866-OUR-VOTE), do’s, and don’ts].

It’s up to YOU to make sure the best of the two candidates make it to the White House.



I like to keep it simple. But I mean this! #VOTE #so #important #inthesestreets #getyourassoutandVOTE

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