Justin Bieber Tells Fans How to Clap

November 3rd, 2015 | by staff
Justin Bieber Tells Fans How to Clap
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Even when Justin Bieber tries to come across as nice and helpful, he can’t help but sound cocky and condescending.

The singer, whose new album comes out on November 13, has been revving up the public relations game of late.

But he’s hit a few hiccups along the way.

There was the interview he walked out on, for example, although the hosts in charge of it were clearly acting like immature idiots.

There was also the Norway concert he cut VERY short because some fans in the front row spilled some water and didn’t let him clean it up to his liking.

He then took to Instagram and shared yet another apology in which he vowed to be a better person.

And Bieber isn’t being a bad person in the following video, far from it.

But he is giving an acoustic concert in Spain, sitting down with his guitar and with a friend and playing a melodic version of his smash hit single, “What Do You Mean?”

About halfway through, however, Bieber grows a little irritated with the crowd.

Yes, those in attendance are clapping along. But they are not clapping along with the beat and Justin feels a need to stop and explain this to them.

Granted, the mistimed clapping may be throwing off his performance. We can see that. We could understand that.

But considering the fragile state of his reputation these days, Bieber would probably be better served just keeping quiet.

Watch the video below and let us know if we’re being hyper sensitive and/or over-analytical here. Or if you agree that Justin Bieber is still in need of an attitude adjustment.

Justin bieber tells fans how to clap

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