Khloe Kardashian Memoir: 6 Things We Learned

November 5th, 2015 | by staff
Khloe Kardashian Memoir: 6 Things We Learned
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Khloe Kardashian has a lot to share with the world.

The reality star has come out with a memoir titled “Strong Looks Better Naked,” passing along advice to fans that range from weight loss techniques to relationship goals.

What are the book’s main takeaways?

To save you time and money, we’ve already read the book and we’ve taken away the following six lessons from it…

1. Khloe Hated Kris Humphries

Khloe hated kris humphries
At one point, she references her “least favorite” ex of sister Kim and writes of how this person started “started complaining about life at home,” adding: ‘Why don’t you cook for me?’ he told Kim. ‘Khloe cooks for Lamar all the time.’ This happened in front of me, and it really upset me. I told him, ‘That is so rude! How dare you compare our relationships? And why are you being so aggressive? The right thing to do is to ask Kim if she’d consider cooking for you from time to time.’ He didn’t treat Kim with respect; he wasn’t kind, and unfortunately, he didn’t get my point, which I guess is one of the many reasons he is an ex.”

2. She Couldn’t Accept Her Father’s Death

She couldnt accept her fathers death
She was in denial about her dad’s death: “At the funeral, though, when I saw my father in his casket, I completely fell apart. I don’t remember the details, but apparently I was an emotional wreck, and I’m told that I was so distraught I actually passed out. At one point I fell to the floor kick and screaming, and I had to be sedated. It was really intense. I refused to believe my father was gone. I just wanted to believe it was all just a bad dream.”

3. She Went Through a Wild Phase

Khloe kardashian cleavage on the red carpet
Following the previously-listed entry, Khloe wrote: “That’s when the partying started.” She goes into detail about her hard-drinking ways not long after her dad’s passing.

4. She Loves Rob, But…

Khloe kardashian and rob kardashian pic
“I love him and he knows I love him, but he fell into a deep, dark place and couldn’t find his way back. I’ve tried to help him, as has the entire family, but our efforts have largely been in vain. From time to time, though, he decides he’s going to fix things his way, and he plunges in headfirst. Inevitably, it doesn’t work.”

5. She Sympathized with Her Stepfather, But…

She sympathized with her stepfather but
Upon learning Bruce wanted to become CAITLYN Jenner, Khloe struggled to accept the change: “I had lost my father, and now I was losing Bruce. Bruce wanted to be a woman and I could only imagine the battle raging inside of his soul. My heart went out to him. But, I saw the transformation as a huge loss.”

6. She Will Always Love Lamar Odom

Khloe and lamar on the red carpet
We all know ups and major downs she’s been through with Lamar Odom, but she ended the book with this acknowledgement: “Thank you to Lamar for giving me some of the best years of my life and for everything you taught me about being strong. Before I met you I felt invisible, and after I felt seen.”

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