Leah Messer Blames Parenting Fails on Narcolepsy, Twitter Skeptical

November 2nd, 2015 | by staff
Leah Messer Blames Parenting Fails on Narcolepsy, Twitter Skeptical
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Your heart kind of breaks for any “star” of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant and/or Teen Mom, but it’s even more depressing when said star spirals into a hole so deep, it prompts the legal system to intervene.

Messer, L.

Such is the case with Leah Messer, a West Virginia native who got knocked up by ex-husband Cory Simms when both were still in high school.  The former husband and wife have two daughters together, 5-year-old twins Ali and Alleah.  

Messer appeared on the most recent cover of Us Magazine, detailing her past demons (rehab for anxiety and depression, alleged prescription drug abuse), and revealing the pain of losing primary custody of her twins.  Messer is also mom to Adalynn, 2, with her second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert.

According to Radar Online, Messer also admitted to suffering from narcolepsy, a sleep disorder characterized by extreme tenancies to fall asleep at any point during the day.  This, the 25-year-old explained to Us, is why she was always late bringing her twins to school.

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Fans of Teen Mom weren’t buying it, though.

“It’s annoying when u say u have #narcolepsy when you did not get diagnosed w/ it,” someone wrote on Twitter in response to the US interview. “It’s a serious disease. get educated.”

Messer took a diplomatic approach and chose her words carefully. “It’s very serious,” she responded.  “They are still doing the testing. They are pretty sure that’s what I have.”

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