Nicole Kidman covers Vogue, says she didn’t cooperate with HBO’s ‘Going Clear’

July 20th, 2015 | by staff
Nicole Kidman covers Vogue, says she didn’t cooperate with HBO’s ‘Going Clear’
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Nicole Kidman covers the August issue of Vogue (US). I think Kidman is now woman with the most American Vogue covers of all time? Does that sound right? It sounds right to me. And for sure, Kidman will probably go down in fashion history as one of the best red carpet divas of her era, but I haven’t loved Nicole’s style in years. Basically, everything post-Keith Urban has been terrible-to-boring. Still, Anna Wintour loves Kidman, so Vogue gave her this Peter Lindbergh-shot, Queen of the Desert-themed editorial (Kidman stars in Queen of the Desert, about the life of Gertrude Bell, and the film doesn’t have a release date as of yet). Kidman is striving to look mid-30s, I think. She’s 48. You can read the Vogue interview here. Some highlights:

She’s going back to London to do a play, Photograph 51: “Keith and I always say, ‘We’re doing a play,’ ‘We’re doing a tour,’ because it is like that—the family has to do it together… Even Keith was like, ‘Why are we doing this?’ I need to now push myself into a place I haven’t been for a long time.”

On Keith: “I looked up at him at one point and I saw his tattoos and his foot going, and he had the guitar, and I was like, ‘God, I love that man. I’m so glad I’m in this world.’ ”

Whether she met Keith at just the right time: “Oh, no. I wish I could have met him much earlier and had way more children with him. But I didn’t. I mean, if I could have had two more children with him, that would have been just glorious. But as Keith says, ‘The wanting mind, Nicole. Shut it down.’”

The paparazzi, social media: “We’re the generation that got to duck all of that. When I was with Tom, I don’t remember paparazzi sitting outside our house . . . not like now. This is different.”

Meeting Mia Wasikowska: “I said, ‘You call me anytime. Anytime you need to ask something.’ That’s probably my maternal side, but it’s also a responsibility in the industry. It’s a tough world now. It always was, but it’s particularly tough now.”

Motherhood: “I’ve experienced adoption. I’ve experienced birth with a genetic child. I’ve experienced surrogacy with a genetic child. I speak openly about it because so many of my friends are discussing it. It’s important for other women to go, ‘I get it!’ ”

[From Vogue]

The only thing I really learned from this Vogue article is that she’s doing a play in London. I didn’t know that. The rest was pretty much a rehash of every Kidman interview from the past few years. She and Keith are happy. She adores her two young children and she doesn’t barely mentions her two older kids, Isabella and Connor. Vogue does note that they asked Kidman about the Church of Scientology and the HBO documentary Going Clear and Vogue says Kidman “declines to discuss” whether CoS “actively tried to break up Cruise and Kidman’s marriage.” Vogue also notes: “Kidman passed on the opportunity to speak to the makers of the film and has consistently turned away requests to comment out of respect for her children with Cruise.” Meaning Connor and Isabella are still very much part of CoS and they probably never see Nicole because she has been deemed the #1 Suppressive Person.


Photos courtesy of Peter Lindbergh/VOGUE.

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