People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive: A Hot History

November 18th, 2015 | by staff
People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive: A Hot History
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Every year, People Magazine names its Sexiest Man Alive, causing the temperature in offices and in living rooms around the globe to rise a few handsome notches.

Which obvious selections have made the cut? Which choices may come as a surprise?

Beware of getting drool on your keyboard and click through the gorgeous guys below…

1. 2015

David beckham people cover
Bend it like Beckham? More like, we wish we could look like 2015 winner David Beckham! Even just for one day!

2. 2014

Chris hemsworth sexiest man alive
Chris Hemsworth took home the honor. Anyone want to tell Thor he wasn’t a worthy selection?

3. 2013

Adam levine sexiest man live cover
And he will be loved! Adam Levine smolders on the 2013 cover.

4. 2012

Channing tatum people cover
We’d Channing all over the Tatum of this 2012 winner any day at any time.

5. 2011

Say it with us: the sexiness of Bradley Cooper is limitless, people. Limitless!

6. 2010

We really hated The Green Lantern. Conversely, we love staring into the eyes of Ryan Reynolds.

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