Teresa Giudice has had 13 stories on People’s website in the past day

February 10th, 2016 | by staff

Yesterday, Kaiser pointed me to the “News” section of People Magazine, where there were no less than a dozen stories, in a row, on Teresa Guidice. It was ridiculous. I didn’t have the foresight to take a screenshot, but the clever people at Jezebel did and you can see what I’m talking about here. (Scroll down, I really hope it’s not true about KStew and Liam Neeson.)

I wondered aloud why People tends to latch on to d-list reality TV people whom we usually hate, like The Duggars and before that the Gosselins and Kaiser made the obvious point that they’re probably being paid by the networks. Oooh. So Teresa is off house arrest, she’s going to be back on television soon, and her husband is about to head to jail so Bravo is going to milk this for all it’s worth.

Bravo rewarded these people for stealing millions of dollars by giving them a career and by continuing to keep them famous after they did a minuscule amount of time. Teresa is absolutely capitalizing on her crime by writing a book about her stay in prison and leaking details to the celebrity outlets. I really wish that the judge in her case would have had the foresight to have Teresa’s wages garnished indefinitely until her creditors were paid off but that obviously didn’t happen.

And in case you’re interested in any of the umpteen details that People Magazine is reporting on, you can read one of their many, many stories on this felon. They’ve compiled everything at the URL People.com/Teresa The only thing I was interested in was the fact that Teresa didn’t watch Orange is The New Black before she went to prison, because if there’s anything this woman is good at it’s living in the deepest amount of denial possible. If she would have watched OITNB she would have known that it’s not news that inmates use maxi pads for just about everything. It seems Jenji Kohan got that detail right. Oh and Joe is still a terrible alcoholic who drinks two bottles of wine a night but he thinks it’s no biggie because he can detox in prison. Good luck going through the DTs in jail, Joe.

I really hope People doesn’t put her on the cover this week.

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