Watch Limitless Online: Check Out Season 1 Episode 21

April 20th, 2016 | by staff
Watch Limitless Online: Check Out Season 1 Episode 21
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CBS aired the first part of its two-part Limitless season finale on Tuesday night.

Scroll down for a look at what took place on Limitless Season 1 Episode 21…

Watch Limitless Season 1 Episode 21 Online

On this installment of the drama, the FBI’s worst nightmare unfortunately came true after NZT flooded the streets of New York City and threatened to become a national epidemic.

That’s what we’ve all been afraid of this whole time, right?

As efforts were made to prevent it from spreading further, a joint manhunt was launched to track down the lab producing the drug.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Brian struggled to adjust to his new reality when he lacked the resources to continue searching for Piper.

You can use the video above to watch Limitless online and see how this all played out.

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