R. Kelly Helps His High School Music Teacher Keep Her Home

October 20th, 2015 | by staff
R. Kelly Helps His High School Music Teacher Keep Her Home
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R Kelly Saves Teacher Home

So sweet. R. Kelly’s high school music teacher was about to lose her home, so the R&B star threw a benefit concert to help her save it. Find out why the singer went out of his way to help his beloved teacher.

Lena McLin, 87, is a legendary high school music teacher in Chicago, and when she was in danger of losing the home she had lived in for many years, her most successful pupil, R. Kelly, 48, swooped in to save the day. The “Ignition” singer staged a benefit concert in his hometown on Oct. 14 to raise funds to help keep his mentor in her home.

The problem started when Lena’s longtime apartment building was converted into condos and she wasn’t going to be able to afford the increased price based on her public school teacher’s pension. When the R&B legend heard that his mentor was in trouble, he knew that he had to step up and help. “On the first day I met her, Ms. McLin told me, ‘You’re going to be one of the greatest singers, songwriters and performers of all time.’ I thought the lady was crazy,” Kelly told the Chicago Sun Times. 

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Her faith in him paid off when the three-time Grammy winning singer went on to become one of the most successful R&B singers in history, selling millions of records and winning fans all over the world.

“I cleaned that apartment so many times, just paying my dues, no different than I would clean my mom’s house,” Kelly says. “I would carry her book bags from school to the car, get in the car and make sure she got home. I wanted to hang with Ms. McLin, because. . . because nobody. Nobody. Could do what she did for me..” he told the newspaper with tears in his eyes “Nobody was even interested in doing what she did for me. Nobody. Even to this day. Nobody has my interest like she does.” The money raised by his concert, as well as through a GoFundMe campaign, was enough to help his beloved teacher buy her condo. We love that R. was able to reach back and help the people who helped him.

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