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Review of Access General Insurance Company

Access Insurance company, started in 1994, focuses on specialty needs for property and casualty vehicle insurance coverage. Several factors create a need for clients to obtain specialty vehicle coverage, including a requirement for SR-22 coverage, high risk premiums and those who do not otherwise qualify for standard auto insurance. Access provides coverage in more than 22 states clients with such needs.

Who Needs Specialty Insurance Through Access Insurance

SR-22 requirements are court ordered or department of motor vehicle requirements to have an insurance company provide continuous proof that a driver maintains constant insurance coverage. In most cases, those convicted of DUI’s or who have caused vehicle accidents while not having any insurance coverage are automatically required to have an SR-22 certificate attached to their insurance policy. The insurance company notifies the state’s department of motor vehicles of the driver’s compliance. In most cases, the insurance company is also mandated by law to notify the state if the driver drops the coverage or allows it to lapse. Access agents across the country are trained and able to fulfill SR-22 requirements for clients.

In addition to drivers required to carry SR22 certificates, Access provides coverage for drivers considered to be high risk. Such drivers include those who have accumulated a high number points on their driving records for traffic violations, have been in several vehicle accidents or have other factors that place them in the high risk category. Obtaining insurance coverage in these cases may be difficult. Access underwrites thousands of such drivers every year. Once the drivers improve their driving records, stop getting into accidents or otherwise reduce their risk, they are often able to be moved to standard coverage and pay a reduced premium rate.

The Access Insurance Website

The Access Insurance website provides easy to use instructions for paying premiums and researching coverage. The site is written in both Spanish and English to accommodate a large majority of its customers. When first registering at the site, customers are required to choose a user name and password that will be used each time the site is accessed. Premiums by debit or credit card can also be made through the site by filling in the appropriate templates and authorizing the payment.

About Grace Periods at Access Insurance

Due to the fact Access provides coverage for drivers that other companies consider high risk, there is no grace period when it comes to paying premiums on time. The policy will cancel one minute after midnight following the premium due date. The majority of policies canceled due to late payment can be reinstated by going to the site or calling the agent and making the payment.

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