Travis Barker Claims Daughter Predicted Horrific 2008 Plane Crash That Killed 4

October 18th, 2015 | by staff
Travis Barker Claims Daughter Predicted Horrific 2008 Plane Crash That Killed 4
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Travis Barker Daughter Predicted Plane Crash

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Travis Barker’s young daughter may have predicted the worst day of his life. In his new memoir, Travis tells the story of how little Alabama sobbed and sobbed before he got on a plane — that then crashed into a furious fireball.

Before Travis Barker, 39, was one of the only survivors of a fiery 2008 plane crash that his then-3-year-old daughter, Alabama, might have seen coming. The Blink-182 drummer, already scared of flying, heard Alabama’s pleas that the roof was going to come off the plane as he walked out the door. Did she know what was going to happen to her dad and his friends?

“[Alabama] just kept saying, ‘The roof’s gonna come off, Dad, the roof’s gonna come off,’” Travis wrote in his upcoming memoir, “Can I Say.”

Travis and DJ AM were performing in Columbia, SC, and decided to hop a plane back home to LA right after the show. Travis could sense something was off when they boarded the Learjet 60 — and remembered his daughter’s words.

Within minutes of takeoff, the plane’s under-inflated tires burst, and the pilots scrambled to abort the flight. But it was too late; with their landing gear mangled, they couldn’t land safely. The plane bounced down the runway, burst through a fence and landed on an embankment…and the roof tore right off the top.

The two pilots, as well as Travis’ friends Che Miller and Chris Baker, were killed instantly. Travis, covered in jet fuel, was engulfed in flames as he attempted to escape the wreckage and run away. DJ AM scrambled out of the plane and was able to put out the fire, but the friends suffered extensive burns and injuries from the near-death experience. DJ AM ultimately succumbed to PTSD and prescription drug abuse (pills needed for his pain from the crash), and died in 2011. 

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Travis fought for his life through months of excruciating surgery to graft skin over his 2nd and 3rd degree burns, which covered 65 percent of his body. During this anguish, wherein foot amputation was even considered, Travis was in such a terrible place that he routinely considered suicide. One day, he gathered up the courage to take a look at the picture of the crash, and saw something shocking: the roof of the plane was gone. What did little Alabama know?

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